Fox News Host to Guest: My Audience Is ‘Going to Be Furious’ at Your Defense of Sanctuary Cities


During a contentious segment on the recent killing of a California police officer by an undocumented immigrant, Fox News host Heather Childers told her guest, criminal defense attorney Steve Greenberg, that her viewers are “going to be furious” after he partially vouched for California’s sanctuary city laws.

Greenberg began the segment by explaining that sanctuary laws protect the undocumented from being arrested for unauthorized entry in the event that they are charged for a non-violent offense, noting in this specific case his gang ties weren’t specifically illegal and misdemeanor offenses, like the suspect’s DUI, are not enough to notify federal authorities.

“What about this other part of it that prohibits ICE agents from visiting California jails?” Childers asked.

“Someone should probably challenge the law, because the way I understand it is the federal law should trump is state law, so ICE agents should be able to visit wherever they want to visit,” he replied. “These laws sometimes help also, because they can use this and say to someone and say, ‘Look, we won’t notify immigration but you have to help us out. You have to give us information. You have to be cooperative.’ The law cuts both ways.”

Greenberg continued by elaborating on his defense of the blue state’s laws:

“We can’t be reactionary about this isn’t a physics experiment. If a homeless person killed somebody we can’t outlaw homelessness. If someone kills an officer in a domestic dispute and the officer comes to stop it like we just had happen here in Chicago, we can’t say we’ll outlaw relationships. We can’t always be doing those kinds of things. It is a terrible, terrible tragedy. It is not something that should be political.”

After the lawyer explained that most people “haven’t heard about all the times that things haven’t happened because these laws are in place,” Childers informed the guest that her Fox News audience will not be pleased with his commentary.

“Every life — just one life making a difference and saving just one life,” the host responded. “People listening to this conversation right now are, quite frankly, going to be furious as to what you just said.”

“I’m not saying it couldn’t have been prevented. I don’t know if it could’ve been prevented. Why don’t we outlaw guns? One life and one shooting doesn’t take place,” Greenberg lobbed back. “We can’t look at it in the microcosm of a single incident.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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