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Fox News Hosts Agree Trump’s New York Times Lawsuit is Not Serious: ‘The President is Not Going to Win This’

Fox News hosts and conservative writer Steve Hayes agreed on Outnumbered Thursday that President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the New York Times is not “serious” because he’s “highly unlikely to win.”

“This is, I think, a political fight that the Trump campaign is launching,” said Hayes. “It’s not really a serious legal fight that the Trump campaign is launching. They are highly unlikely to win this.”

“There’s long precedent suggests these things are un-winnable, and the specifics of the case I think make it very difficult for him. As a political matter, though, Donald Trump does well when he beats up the media. His base loves it, the more he does it the better he does, and the more he discredits,” Hayes continued, adding, “I think he wants to do this because he believes it’s in his interest to further discredit the mainstream media, so that when they report things that are negative about him, people will be less likely to believe them.”

Fox News host Melissa Francis responded, “That would explain a lot. Because I couldn’t figure out why they would pick this particular case. Certainly the New York Times has made so many errors, why would you go for an opinion piece where it seems like the legal ground on that would be impossible? If you look at it, there’s plenty else to pick from from the New York Times.”

Francis proceeded to list off a series of corrections that the Times has made:

“December 2019, they profiled the Trump voter who turned out to be a Democrat. September 2019, they omit the details about the sexual misconduct allegation for Justice Kavanaugh. These are corrections. They had to issue a correction about the bombshell report about Manafort’s ties to a Russian oligarch. I mean the list goes on and on,” she said. “The big one, they had to correct the report that said 17 intel agencies agreed on Russian actions during the election. These are the ones they’ve admitted to. So I wonder why do you pick that opinion piece?”

“Obviously it’s not a legal fight,” Fox’s Kennedy added. “Because the president is not going to win this.”

Fox News political commentator Marie Harf agreed, saying, “I do agree this is a political fight, certainly. It’s like the Devin Nunes style of legal action, right? He’s suing everyone now, media outlets.”

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