Fox News Hosts Battle Over Barr: FBI Has a History of Spying on Americans


Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov went head to head with Lawrence Jones on Friday in a broad-range Outnumbered debate about Bill Barr and the Russia investigation.

The conversation revolved around how Barr gave an interview to Fox News — in which he defended himself from criticisms of how he handled the Robert Mueller report. As the panel noted Barr’s comments about the Fusion GPS dossier and the counterintelligence probe of President Donald Trump‘s campaign, Jones — the day’s #OneLuckyGuy — highlighted Barr’s dissatisfaction with the answers he’s received in his investigation of the FBI.

Tarlov countered that FBI chief Christopher Wray has disputed Barr over his “spying” characterization, to which, Jones said “but he’s also trying to protect the institution.”

“So he’s lying for them?” Tarlov asked. “You want to say that now? That Wray was brought in to do cleanup?”

“I think he is afraid that the rank and file will feel like he doesn’t support them,” Jones said. “It’s is not the first time the FBI has spied on Americans. They have a history of doing it.”

The discussion remained heated throughout the show, and when things turned to whether the public trusts Mueller more than Barr, Tarlov said the numbers go to show the country doesn’t trust Trump or Barr to tell the truth.

When Jones interjected to claim that the Mueller report declared there was no collusion with Russia, he and Tarlov got in a shouting match as the latter pointed out the “element of collusion.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Jones exclaimed as Tarlov made her point and invoked the letter from hundreds of ex-federal prosecutors who say Trump would face multiple charges if he wasn’t president.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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