Fox News Hosts Fight Over Whether New York City is Truly a ‘Hellhole’: ‘I Live Here Sister!’


Fox News’ Outnumbered got combative on Wednesday as the panel sparred about whether New York City has become a crime-infested “hellhole.”

The dust-up happened during a discussion about crime rates and the argument that the police cannot enforce the law because they are supposedly being defunded in Democrat-led cities. After host Kennedy spoke about assault and other types of violent crimes happening in New York, Julie Banderas turned to liberal panelist Jenna Arnold and asked “do you not see a pattern here? Every Democratic city has more crime and less power in the hands of police officers who are suppose to keep this from happening?”

Arnold responded by minimizing the relevance of the “Defund The Police” movement, and she also called for a greater focus on the underlying societal conditions that compel people towards criminal behavior. She also rejected the panel’s characterization of New York as a dangerous place, saying the city is “just fine.”

Kennedy sarcastically rebuffed that assessment — responding that “the homicide rate has shot up…People are pooping in the streets.” Banderas concurred, and then Arnold countered by saying crime rates have gone up all around the country.

The panel went on about urban crime rates and how the police are “under attack,” and Kennedy topped this off by proclaiming “New York is a hellhole.” Banderas strongly agreed, but Arnold cut in to say “No it’s not. You don’t get to call New York that. Not on my watch.”

“I live here, sister!” Kennedy said, prompting Arnold to clap back “so do I.”

“I do walk around,” Kennedy continued. “I read the New York Post. I talk to cops. I know what is going on here.”

“That’s not an accurate journalist outlet,” Arnold retorted. The three-way fight between them continued as Arnold left things off by saying “New York is certainly struggling. Please don’t call it a hellhole. That’s not accurate.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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