Fox News Hosts Get Heated Over Flynn: ‘I’m Not Sure There’s a Word That Came Out of Your Mouth That’s Actually True’


On Fox News’ Outnumbered Friday afternoon, Marie Harf and Lara Logan threw down in a heated discussion over the Michael Flynn case.

The DOJ dropped the case against Flynn Thursday, and today Harf said, “Bill Barr has made it clear that he sees his job as one of defending the president. And Donald Trump has made clear that he wants to do everything in his power to discredit to the Russia investigation, even though it showed quite a bit of — at least conversation between Russian officials and Trump campaign officials.”

“Yesterday, Barr basically made a statement that said, ‘You can lie to the FBI, and that’s okay,'” she continued. “And there is still a ton of evidence that the investigation was absolutely an appropriate one, that Flynn was absolutely someone who should have been investigated, and he at the end of the day, chose to lie about his contact with foreign countries. If Bill Barr wants to say that’s not a crime, that’s a precedent I’m not sure sure either party wants to set.”

Logan reacted by saying, “Wow. I feel like I’m in some kind of alternative fantasy sci-fi reality universe movie. Nothing culd be further from the truth. I’m not sure, Marie, there’s a word that came out of your mouth that’s actually true.”

“Look at the transcripts of the conversations. There’s a big difference between talking to people and colluding. If that’s a standard for collusion, how come you’re not screaming for accountability for Fusion GPS and the DNC and the Clinton campaign?” she asked.

Logan also defended Barr saying “he never said that his mission is about defending president trump. He said… that his duty is to protect the rule of law in this country. To protect the justice department and law enforcement. And he’s doing that holding them to the standard to which they have sworn to uphold.”

A few minutes later, Harf responded, going over some of the parts of the Russia investigation before saying, “I hear Lara laughing, and she says that nothing I said is accurate, but what she did was name a lot of conspiracy theories that are popular on the internet, that if you read the Mueller report, yes, they said there was no criminal conspiracy, but they outlined a number of ways the trump campaign, even just unethically, dealt with the Russians, a foreign government who was interfering in our election.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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