Fox News Contributor Hits ‘Perverse’ Media Speculation About Trump Firing Dr. Fauci


Fox News show Outnumbered addressed speculation in the media over whether President Donald Trump’s relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci is falling apart in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The show’s hosts noted that Trump retweeted a post calling for Fauci to be fired this weekend. That jab occurred after the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said in an interview that “obviously” more lives would’ve been saved if coronavirus mitigation strategies were taken up earlier.

Liberal commentator Marie Harf noted that Fauci enjoys mostly bipartisan support for his actions throughout the health crisis, and she said that “if President Trump did anything to sideline Dr. Fauci… I hope he would hear pushback from Democrats and Republicans.”

Harris Faulkner turned to Melissa Francis after that, saying “the palace intrigue and the fighting, I don’t know if we have time for that as a nation.”

“I think what the president is reacting to is this idea that he takes his responsibility for the health and welfare of the American people very personally, very seriously,” Francis said, offering the president some cover.

“I would imagine that when he feels like someone is attacking him, potentially, for not doing his very best to safeguard America’s health and welfare, he gets very angry,” she continued. “That’s where those tweets come from. He just takes it incredibly personally.”

After Faulkner remarked that “the public fight is not helpful,” the show’s #OneLuckyGuy, Guy Benson, commented on how Fauci declined in the interview to explicitly blame anyone for the slow response. This led to Benson slamming the media’s “perverse rooting interest” in the possibility that Trump could fire Fauci.

“I think he and the president really are basically on the same page here. There is a fringe of people, I think it’s deeply irresponsible, who want to see Dr. Fauci fired. I think that really would be a terrible idea for the country even if you disagree with what he’s done…The thing that is also bothersome to me is the degree to which some in the media seemed very invested in this palace intrigue plotline, where they sort of stoke every ember almost like they are trying to goad the president into doing something that would be very bad for the country but could be bad for him politically. So they love expressing concerns about how this might happen. It almost feels like a perverse rooting interest and I wish they would knock that off.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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