Fox News Hosts Trash Obama Over ‘Intellectually Lazy’ Trump Jab in Commencement Speech: ‘A Casserole of Nonsense’

The panel on Fox News’ Outnumbered panned former President Barack Obama for the swipes he took at President Donald Trump during his college commencement speech over the weekend.

As Trump continues to accuse his predecessor of criminal acts (despite being unable to articulate what), Obama took an indirect swipe at Trump by saying the coronavirus pandemic has “finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing.”

Melissa Francis said nothing of Trump’s claims as she brought up Obama’s speech with her colleagues; instead, she called it “so intellectually lazy to go to the ‘little kid’ place.’

“If there is something we have noticed, especially in this age of Trump, when you say, ‘Is this what you would do in front of your children? This is how children behave!’ It just seems like, for a graduation speech, I would have personally worked hard on my writing,” Francis said.

Kennedy agreed, calling it “a casserole of nonsense” and “incredibly condescending.”

“But what you realize, what’s happening here, the feeling is if you put President Obama out there enough, and if you see enough video, it will convinced dumb voters that he is running for president again,” she went on. “That’s why the Joe Biden administration would be a continuation of President Obama, who for many Democrats is still incredibly popular. That doesn’t speak to President Obama’s strengths, that speaks to Joe Biden’s weaknesses.”

The panel continued by remarking on how Democrats are banking on Obama’s lasting popularity to carry the Biden campaign to victory over Trump in the 2020 election. Emily Compagno called the speech a “failed” opportunity to inspire college graduates, then said that “President Trump often gets blamed for the deterioration of political rhetoric in this country, but you can argue that President Obama governed in a way that, yes, united his base, but totally alienated anyone who disagreed with those policies.”

Again, no mention in this conversation about the fact that the current president is accusing his predecessor of illegal activity. If that’s not enough, Attorney General William Barr cast notable doubt today on the possibility of Obama facing a criminal investigation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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