Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Blasts NBC For Recent Weinstein Story Revelations: ‘A Huge Embarassment’


Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz criticized NBC News for their mishandling of the Harvey Weinstein bombshell report.

Aside from the explosive findings of the disgraced film mogul, there was a lot of attention drawn to Ronan Farrow, the journalist who broke the story, and how the top tiers of his then-employer NBC News refused to run his report, which he then took to the New Yorker. Now The Daily Beast is reporting that Farrow was threatened with a smear campaign by NBC if he kept pursuing the Weinstein story.

Kurtz began by saying this story remains to be “a huge embarrassment” for NBC.

“After eight months of research, they let Ronan Farrow walk out the door with a prize-winning story, which essentially launched the Me Too Movement,” Kurtz told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “And now you have Farrow’s investigative producer, who just left NBC saying this was a ‘massive breach of journalistic integrity’ by NBC, that NBC was never enthusiastic about this story.”

He went on to say that appears NBC “didn’t have the guts” to take on this story.

“Well what’s your gut on this, Howie?” Ingraham asked. “Do you this producer is blowing smoke here? I mean, it sounds a little odd to me, doesn’t it?”

“When you’re a reporter, you know whether your bosses are enthusiastic, particularly about a sensitive investigative piece. NBC was not,” Kurtz responded. “NBC was willing to let him walk out the door. So nothing can change the fact that NBC blew this one big time.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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