Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Calls Out CNN and MSNBC Primetime: They ‘All Seem to be Opinion Shows’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz had a brief loss of self-awareness on Monday when he appeared on Fox Business to discuss how opinion colors the way CNN and MSNBC cover President Donald Trump.

After airing a tweet in which Trump took aim at MSNBC’s parent company, Fox Business host Stuart Varney remarked that “anti-Trump coverage is wall to wall on those two networks,” and asked Kurtz that coverage was hurting their ratings. The MediaBuzz host remarked that Trump met “the definition of masochism” by revealing he recently watched MSNBC.

From there, Kurtz pointed to ratings dips for CNN and MSNBC after the release of Robert Mueller’s report, saying the two networks run an anti-Trump “business model” that took a hit when Mueller didn’t cause the immediate doom of Trump’s presidency.

“They were flying pretty high on speculation that Mueller was going to end the presidency,” Varney said. “That he would be taken down in some way, and those networks were going to do it. They did well with that, but I’m pretty sure that they have not exactly cratered their ratings but they are sharply lower.”

“Their viewers were excited about the notion that the president might be in serious legal trouble.” Kurtz agreed. “Once this report came out, when it turned out that that was not the case, I think a lot of people were depressed or turned it off.”

When Varney shifted the conversation to Kurtz’s thoughts on the editorial message of CNN and MSNBC, Kurtz said the networks have some objective figures on during the day, before taking a shot at their prime time lineups.

“When you turn on the prime time shows, and it’s getting increasingly hard during the day, they all seem to be opinion shows. You’ve got these panels that are six to one anti-Trump. There’s no secret this is the way they are being programmed,” Kurtz said.

Interestingly, Kurtz remarked on these anti-Trump shows while saying nothing of the pro-Trump opinion shows that air on Fox News from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every weeknight.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

UPDATE –– 6:13 pm ET: Kurtz later tweeted that his point was “now do anti-Trump news for much of the day, not just prime time”:

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