Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Calls Out Trump Remarks ‘Glaring Omission’: Nothing About Background Checks

Fox News host Howard Kurtz said that President Donald Trump’s Monday morning address on the weekend’s mass shootings had one “glaring omission” — the need for tighter background checks.

“The expectation had been raised by the president himself in tweets this morning, talking about the need for tighter background checks work on purchases,” said Kurtz. “There was nothing about that. Just sort of a generalized call for a bipartisan solution.”

“He has the unique opportunity here, you will recall that he brought in members of Congress, both parties, even some Republicans, he said he would take the heat, but after meeting with the NRA, he decided to drop the background checks, though he did follow through on the bump stocks prohibition,” said Kurtz.

“So the question is — and Congress has been so gridlocked, the nation is shocked and horrified by these twin mass killings, could President Trump actually lead it — could he lead on modest gun control, or as happened after parkland high school, Las Vegas, some of these other tragedies, dominating the news media for a couple of days?” Kurtz continued.

President Trump said he already passed the legislation to strengthen critical background checks, and that the DOJ banned bump stocks last year, through the FIX NICS Act.  He said last year the DOJ prosecuted a “prosecuted a record number of firearms offenses.”

On Twitter, this morning he called for Republicans and Democrats to come together to enforce stronger background checks.

In his address, the president spoke of “real bipartisan solutions” needed to address gun violence. He said he called on the Department of Justice to work on identifying early warning signs, called for an end to ” glorification of violence in our society,” specifically calling out video games, and a reform to mental health care legislation. Finally, he said those who pose a risk to public safety must not have access to guns, or if they do that those guns can be taken through “rapid due process.” He said there is still “so much more we have to do.”

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