Fox News’ Jarrett Mocks Comey Over Op-Ed: Is He ‘The Biggest Crybaby on Earth’?

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett — filling in for Sean Hannity last night — mocked former FBI Director James Comey as a “crybaby” for his latest op-ed on President Donald Trump.

Jarrett first slammed Peter Strzok for arguing the government violated his rights before bringing up Comey’s op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday talking about what it feels like to “be attacked by the president.”

In the piece, Comey writes, “The longer it goes on, the less it means. In the third stage, the impact diminishes, the power of it shrinks. It no longer feels as though the most powerful human on the planet is after you. It feels as though a strange and slightly sad old guy is yelling at you to get off his lawn, echoed by younger but no less sad people in red hats shouting, ‘Yeah, get off his lawn!'”

Jarrett remarked, “At 6’7″ tall, is James Comey the biggest crybaby on earth?… He wrote, ‘At first it rocks your world when Trump criticizes you, and then you’re stunned. Then diminished, and then you have contempt for Trump.’ Cry me a river, Comey.”

As he discussed it with the panel, Jarrett said, referring to Comey slamming Bill Barr, “Comey is so blinded by sanctimony and self-righteousness, that he is attacking the very man who has the ability to indict Comey… I mean, you would have to be a fool’s fool to be attacking Barr.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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