Fox News’ Jesse Watters Criticizes CNN For Ambush Interview: ‘I Don’t Understand’


CNN has received quite a bit of flak lately over an ambush on-camera interview it conducted with a woman who appears to have unwittingly promoted an event that was staged by Russians. The woman was clearly upset and wasn’t buying what the CNN reporter was telling her regarding Russian correspondence with the pro-Trump Facebook page she ran.

During today’s broadcast of The Five, Fox News’ Jesse Watters criticized the network and reporter for their story, even though Watters saw his own star rise at Fox due to his ambush interviews and man-on-the-street segments.

After Kimberly Guilfoyle called it “terrible” while labeling CNN “Circus News Network,” she expressed concern that something could happen to the woman “like we saw with Steve Scalise.” Watters added that she “didn’t realize she was talking to the Russians” before hitting CNN over the report.

“I’ve done this dozens and dozens of times and ambushed people,” he said, acknowledging his past interview. “I’ve never done it to a regular person outside their house.”

Watters continued, “I don’t understand. Listen, the guy can go to someone’s house with a camera and a mic and that’s fine. But his tone was so wrong and accusatory and so off. She is an elderly woman who got caught up unwittingly in some kind of Facebook page situation with the Russians. These were small rallies with a dozen people. She was liking a Facebook page thing.”

He went on to say CNN had actually broadcasted a Russian-sponsored event for four hours “like it was a love rally,” before slamming the network for how it handled the person who created the CNN pro-wrestling meme that the president tweeted out.

Fellow co-host Greg Gutfeld would end the segment by calling on “the nation’s hall monitor” Brian Stelter to cover the CNN report.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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