Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Jim Acosta Thinks He’s the ‘Rosa Parks of The Press Corps’


On Saturday, Fox News’ Jesse Watters ripped Jim Acosta and claimed the CNN White House reporter who recently got his White House press pass yanked thinks he’s the “Rosa Parks” of the press corps.

During a segment about Acosta’s testy exchange with President Donald Trump that ultimately led to having his hard pass revoked, conservative political commentator Dinesh D’Souza said that the whole exchange reminded him of  “some of the skirmishes between [Ronald] Reagan and Sam Donaldson from the old days,” except Donaldson and Reagan “were grownups.”

He then added: “With Jim Acosta, I’d have to say, I’m looking at an overgrown infant…When you are an emotional infant, you want to grab something, you don’t want to stop, you don’t know enough, you want another cookie, another piece of candy and you won’t take no for an answer. And the other thing is, you have a sense of entitlement and arrogance…”

Watters then piled on,  stressing Acosta thinks he is above everybody in the briefing room.

“He thinks it’s the Jim Acosta show and he’s there to trade barbs with the president of the United States and if he gets called out for it, he’s the victim,” Watters said.

Then bringing the name of a civil rights icon into the conversation, Watters said this: “He thinks he’s the Rosa Parks of the press corps. ..I don’t know Jim Acosta. I’ve never met him. He seems like a fine guy personally. But his behavior is totally out of line.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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