Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Sessions ‘Never Should Have Recused, He Bowed to the Pressure of the Swamp’


On Fox News’ The Five today, Jesse Watters said President Donald Trump‘s frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions are perfectly understandable.

He pointed to a lack of a stronger crackdown on leaks and “a lot of misconduct at the FBI” and DOJ before saying, “He never should have recused, he bowed to the pressure of the swamp. He made a mistake by forgetting some random meeting for 30 seconds with a Russian ambassador and then all of a sudden he caved, so I understand Trump’s concern there.”

Trump publicly bashed Sessions again today in a Fox & Friends interview that also touched on the Michael Cohen payments.

And Watters spoke up in Trump’s defense in that regard:

“There is nothing wrong with paying a woman to not say something which could be personally damaging to you or to your family. If he pays this money out of his personal piggy bank so she keeps quiet, that is not a legitimate campaign expenditure. And John Edwards faced the exact same thing. Prosecutors went after him because some rich folks gave him $700,000 to cover up his affair and protect his wife. It went to the jury, and the jury said, ‘You know what, this had nothing to do with the political campaign. This had everything to do with trying to save his reputation and his marriage.’ So the law’s actually on Donald Trump’s side on this. I don’t see this going anywhere except politically damaging the president. He’s wasting a ton of political capital dealing with these massive amounts of investigations and the criminalization of politics and it really is starting to take a toll on him. And it’s disappointing and it’s sad.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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