Fox News’ Jesse Watters Slams Republicans for Weak Response on Impeachment: They’re ‘Losing the Message War’


On Fox News’ The Five, Jesse Watters said the White House and the Republicans need to step up their game on impeachment because they’re not winning the messaging war right now.

Watters expressed some frustration with how things are playing out with Democrats conducting investigations, saying elections have consequences and even remarking, “It’s really people who stayed home on election day last time. If you want to point fingers, they needed more Trump voters and they didn’t get them. And now Trump’s getting eaten alive by people on the inside.”

But what appeared to frustrate him more is the lack of a clear, organized response to the Democrats’ inquiry:

“All the Republicans want to do is find out what is happening behind closed doors and they can’t even share their side of the story, because all the whistleblowers and their lawyers have colluded with Schiff… Does anyone even care in the administration? They don’t even have a team that’s fighting this thing. I’ve said more things on the show to push back against what’s going on that I’ve seen out of the White House. Where’s the Senate? Where’s Lindsey Graham? Why isn’t he holding hearings? Why isn’t he interviewing the people that are testifying behind closed doors? It’s time for them to get tougher than they already are. You know, you can say I condemn this. You can send a bunch of guys in to try to find out what’s going on, but they need lawyers, they need killers, they need people with experience who know who to fight this thing. Because right now, it’s day after day, leak after leak, and they’re losing the message war.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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