Fox News’ John Roberts Breaks Out in Giggling Fit While Reporting Press Briefing’s Delayed Start


John Roberts is a consummate professional.  The Chief White House Correspondent for Fox News is a venerable news veteran with stints at CBS News and CNN. It was something of a coup when Fox News hired the award-winning journalist some eight years ago.

His reputation proceeds him, so he can be forgiven for the very human fit of giggling he experienced on-air while reporting the shifting schedule start time of Monday’s White House Press Briefing to his Fox New cohort Harris Faulkner.

White House press briefings are not only increasingly rare — the last proper briefing was held 41 days ago on December 18 of last year — they are also known to consistently start much later than they are originally scheduled.

After a brief explanation on the White House position on the ongoing border security debate, Roberts said “apparently the briefing has been pushed back to 3:30,” before losing it Harvey Korman-style on live TV. (For the kids out there, Korman was an actor on The Carol Burnett Show known for breaking character with unintended laughing.

After a few seconds, Roberts apologized and Faulkner said of the scheduled briefing “3:00 hour, could be the bottom of that hour.”

Roberts finished “For now.”

Given the very capable job Roberts did filling in for Chris Wallace this weekend hosting Fox News Sunday, and the fact that he was called out critically by President Donald Trump, Roberts appears to be enjoying a nice time in the limelight. Or at least his Google News search results are going up.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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