Fox News’ Judith Miller Rips Trump for Dodging on Russia: Can’t Answer America’s Questions In 140 Characters!


Fox commentator Judith Miller delivered some critical remarks against President Trump today, and she wondered whether he will ever answer the questions he faces with regard to Russia.

Miller began by discussing how Trump refuses to clarify whether he grilled Putin or accepted the Russian president’s denial of any wrongdoing at the G20 Summit. Miller went on to say that Trump “consistently undercuts his staff” by diverging and/or refusing to back up the statements from his own spokespeople.

Miller eventually evoked the news that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer who promised him dirt to use against Hillary Clinton. From there, she ripped the president for consistency using Twitter as a substitute for news interviews in order to dodge tough questions.

“The questions are going to keep occurring, and the president doesn’t want to answer them,” said miller. “You cannot answer the questions that the American people now have in 140-character tweets.”

Eric Shawn noted how Trump is taking criticism for not being tougher on Putin and disregarding American intelligence findings, but he asked Miller whether Trump should’ve handled the meeting any differently. Miller responded by questioning the gains Trump touted from the G20 Summit, and she also found it “astonishing” that Trump would consider a cyber defense unit with Russia when their election interference demonstrates the threat they pose to American cybersecurity.

This sort of critical take towards President Trump are rarely seen on Fox News these days. One wonders if Miller’s take is the start of a trend, or more likely, an outlier. 

Watch above, via Fox News. 

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