Fox News’ Katie Pavlich Defends Trump’s Plane Expertise: ‘The Guy Has Owned Planes his Entire Life…’

On Wednesday, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich defended President Donald Trump‘s statements about planes by essentially arguing that he’s owned one his whole life, therefore, he knows everything he needs to know about how they work.

As the public continues to discuss Boeing 737 Max 8 & 9 planes because of the recent deadly incidents surrounding the model, Trump has drawn intrigue over his determination this week that planes are “too complex to fly” now with modern technological enhancements. As The Five talked about all of this, Pavlich ran to Trump’s defense as critics question what aeronautics expertise the president can really bring to the table.

“To give President Trump some credit, everyone’s like, ‘Oh, what does he know about planes?'” Pavlich said. “The guy has owned planes his entire life, and when you own a private plane, you know about the way it functions.”

That seemed to draw snark from Kennedy, who sarcastically responded to that argument “older and simpler is better!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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