Fox News’ Kilmeade: Only Appropriate Reason For FBI to Raid Cohen’s Office Is If He Was Part of ISIS

The way one Fox News host sees it, the only acceptable rationale the FBI would have had for raiding Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s office is if he were a terrorist and on the verge of committing a deadly attack.

During a panel discussion on The Five today, guest hosts Brian Kilmeade and Geraldo Rivera passionately railed against the FBI’s raid, which was the result of a search warrant that was given after a referral from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“People describe the president being extraordinarily angry,” noted Trump pal Rivera declared. “The dude has got a right. You cannot understate how absolutely beyond the pale this raid on Michael Cohen’s office was.”

The Fox News correspondent and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant went on to call it “unprecedented” and “unprofessional,” adding that the “president has the right to be steamed.”

Dana Perino stated that nobody knows the evidence that the judge saw to approve the warrant, pointing out that while the raid of Cohen’s office and hotel room could be a “total overreach and absolutely inappropriate,” it is “just as possible it wasn’t.”

“Give me one example in your mind that you think it would make it appropriate,” Geraldo shot back, causing Perino to say that she wasn’t going to speculate on something like that.

“I will give you one,” Rivera replied. “Michael Cohen with a zippo lighter about to burn a tape.”

Kilmeade, meanwhile, took that opportunity to one-up his colleague.

“That would be it — it would be a ticking time bomb,” the Fox & Friends host exclaimed. “He’s a member of ISIS. Michael Cohen’s in ISIS. And we have to stop him now or the Lincoln Tunnel blows up. That’ll be it.”

“Alright, that was somewhat entertaining,” Kimberly Guilfoyle remarked, ending the segment.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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