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Fox News’ Kurtz Actually Takes on the ‘Fox Blonde’ Issue

Last week PunditFact (a spinoff of PolitiFact) fact-checked the internet meme about Fox News being full of blonde women because why the hell not, and so of course, Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz decided to bring this up on his show yesterday because, again, why the hell not.

Kurtz noted that there have been “disparaging comments” made about the alleged lack of diversity among the women of Fox News, but lucky, the “sleuths [at PunditFact] found twelve non-blondes.”

Lauren Ashburn, at least, kept some perspective by mocking the whole idea of doing this in the first place (“There’s ash blonde, there’s platinum blonde, maybe we could do dirty blonde and see how many variations there are because this is so important.”), but it still begs the question of why they would be giving airtime to this weird thing in the first place.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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