Fox News’ Kurtz Credits Megyn Kelly for Fair Tara Reade Interview: ‘Asked Every Question I Could Think Of’


Fox News’ Howard Kurtz credited former colleague Megyn Kelly Sunday on MediaBuzz for conducting a fair interview with Tara Reade on his accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden.

Kelly spoke with Reade about her allegations and questioned her on a range of issues from past comments she has made to what she thinks about the double standard of some Democratic politicians.

Kurtz noted what Reade said about wanting Biden to drop out and asked if it makes the allegation “seem more political.”

Kat Timpf said “I really don’t think that it does,” pointing to what Reade said about voting for Barack Obama both times.

“I don’t claim to know what happened or didn’t happen between Biden and Tara Reade but if you just look at the ideological consistency alone it’s just really not there,” she added.

Regarding Kelly’s interview itself, she said it wasn’t a “softball interview” and was fair overall.

Kurtz brought up one example of “one of many times Megyn Kelly pressing Tara Reade on contradictions or inconsistencies in her account.”

Timpf noted that Kelly has dealt with sexual harassment and is knowledgeable about this issue on a personal level,” saying again, “I thought she conducted a very fair interview. It is a difficult thing to talk about”

Kurtz agreed and said, “I thought Megyn Kelly asked every question I could think of I would have wanted to ask with skepticism and that was fair, and Tara Reade approached Megyn Kelly with the idea of sitting down with her.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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