Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Calls Out Kellyanne Conway’s Baffling Spin Accusing Team Biden of Declaring Victory


Kellyanne Conway, former senior adviser to President Donald Trump, was on Fox News Thursday evening, giving a preview of the president’s remarks to come at a press conference later in the evening, and her attempts to spin Trump’s comments and tweets were smacked down by anchor Martha MacCallum.

Despite the vast majority of political observers viewing the race as rolling inevitably towards Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the remaining states, Conway expressed unwavering optimism about Trump’s chances for victory, and stating that the president would criticize the “media pollsters who were wrong yet again because he sees it as a pre-election suppression of the vote.”

Conway then criticized Biden’s campaign. “His campaign manager is out there saying ‘Joe Biden will be the next president of United States.’ That should not be said, because we are still counting votes, and just as Joe Biden is telling people to be patient, I’ve been saying that since Election Night.”

“But Kellyanne,” MacCallum corrected her, “the president came out on election night and said that he had won, while there were still all these ballots to be counted.”

Conway also had slightly misspoke in her critique — it was not Biden’s campaign manager, but rather his campaign attorney Bob Bauer, who incorrectly declared on Wednesday, “We’ve won the election.”

She acknowledged MacCallum’s comment — “Sure.” — and attempted to spin Trump’s comments again.

“I think what the president was meaning there, is that he had won, meaning earlier in the night, he had — people were projecting that some of these states that were supposed to turn blue like Florida, Ohio, Texas…and they are still bright red.”

“And I think he was talking about based on the projections,” she continued, “and you saw The New York Times’ famous needle start the day out with the president having a 9% chance overall of being reelected president, then moved to 25, 30% it was going up, and state-by-state it was looking better for the president, including places like Georgia, yet to be called, Pennsylvania, yet to be called, so he was basing it on that.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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