Rep. Duncan Hunter Denies Misusing Campaign Funds, Talks Political Future: ‘I Will Still Win’

In a Fox News exclusive Thursday evening, Martha MacCallum pressed Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) on charges that he and his wife spent campaign money on personal expenses.

“Are those charges true, did you use campaign money for those personal expenses?” MacCallum asked.

Hunter then claimed that the spending was actually on fundraisers and stressed “pure politics” was at work.

“The things that you were mentioning there were fundraisers. The trip to Pittsburgh, that was a fund-raiser. That’s how we campaign and try to raise money,” he said before adding, “My campaign did make mistakes. There was money spent on things––not by me but by the campaign––and I paid that back before my last election. I paid back $60,000 after I did an objective audit.”

Then he said this: “This is pure politics and prosecutors can make an indictment read like a scandalous novel if they want to. They’ve had a year and a half to do this. There is no way for me now to go out and be able to talk to my people or get this done in court before my election… This is a late hit.”

MacCallum then pushed him further on the specifics on some of his spending, which included trips to Hawaii and shorts purchased at a golf pro shop.

Hunter repeatedly denied misuse of campaign cash and speculated some of the text messages used as evidence may have been edited.

Finally, MacCallum asked the indicted congressman what he thinks his chances are for re-election.

“I think I will still win,” Hunter said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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