Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Explains Pepper Spray Comments: ‘People Didn’t Watch The Whole Segment’

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly appeared as a guest on The O’Reilly Factor Tuesday night, and affirmed on air that pepper spray is a derivative of the pepper plant. “It’s a food product, essentially,” she said.

The out-of-context comments were blasted across the Internet on Wednesday, with a grassroots movement attracting over 16,000 people to a petition, asking Kelly to, “eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray on national television.”

On Wednesday afternoon, TVNewser’s Chris Ariens spoke with Kelly about the incident, giving her a chance to explain what she said. All she really had to do was point to the entire interview, in which she says that the spray is abrasive and intrusive, and explains to Bill O’Reilly that what the students who were pepper sprayed were doing was “American.” She told Ariens that she even carries a bottle with her for protection.

“I think what happened was people didn’t watch the whole segment and assumed I was diminishing it,” Kelly told Ariens. “In no way did I mean to diminish what was happening.”

Watch the full O’Reilly – Kelly segment — all the way to the end! — courtesy of Fox News, below:

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