‘Fox News Mole’ Accuses Network Of ‘Trying To Intimidate Me Into Silence’

Had it not been for Hilary Rosen, Gawker’s exposed “Fox News Mole” Joe Muto may have been the top story of the week, with his exposes on the News Corp bathrooms and 24-hour period of anonymity before being “indefinitely suspended,” then fired, then slapped with a legal threat. Muto sat down with CNN’s Howard Kurtz for an interview that will air tomorrow morning, but Reliable Sources has released a preview in which Muto argues the legal threats are baseless, and admits to being a “weasel.”

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The preview Reliable Sources put out this weekend is short, but promises plenty for tomorrow. Asked whether his own characterization as a “weasel, traitor, sell-out” were demonstrating that he understood the implications of what he was doing, Muto only answers that “I think everyone knows” that that is true, and that “I broke the code.”

His answer to the question of whether he is wary of the legal threats against him is far more telling, however, as far as the possibility of new and more revealing posts on Gawker in the future. “The legal threats are completely baseless,” he replies, “and they are trying to intimidate me into silence.” Kurtz doesn’t give away much in this clip, so we will have to wait another 24 hours to find out if the “intimidation” has worked on him, or if he reveals any new scoop.

The preview via CNN below:

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