Fox News’ Monica Crowley Likens President ‘Mubarak Obama’ To Dictatorship

News broke today that the White House had told GOP leadership that it would not defend in a court of law the Defense of Marriage Act signed under President Clinton. The federal law defines marriage between a man and a woman, and had previously been defended by the Justice Department under previous administrations. This was the topic of conversation today on Fox News, and guest Monica Crowley told host Megyn Kelly that this decision was akin to a “dictatorship” calling the president “Mubarak Obama.”

Crowley took great exception to the Justice Department’s decision, calling it “beyond belief” before passionately stating that its the president’s responsibility to enforce the law that is on the books, not, in her words “to decide ‘well I don’t like that law so I’m not going to enforce it.'” Crowley then claimed that this was a “form of dictatorship” before referencing the president as “Mubarak Obama.”

Someone at the Fox News desk might have better prepared Dr. Crowley by letter her know that reports claim that, in a letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner, Attorney General Eric Holder said that the administration would continue to enforce the law until the court rules differently. So there’s that.

But the “Mubarak Obama” meme is officially out there. Expect to see it at a protest sign near you!

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