Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Warns Trump Not to ‘Relax’: ‘Stay Away’ From Mueller


Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano gave some free legal advice to President Donald Trump Thursday morning, declaring that he wants “the president to be able to be president,” and that as such he should “stay away” from an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Appearing on Trump’s favorite morning show Fox & Friends, Napolitano addressed recent reports that Trump is a “subject” of Mueller’s probe into his campaign’s ties to Russia, and not a “criminal target.”

“He is not at this moment a target,” Napolitano warned. “I say ‘at this moment’ because this could change depending on what evidence comes to them.”

“As much as I want the president to be able to be president and not have this on his back, I encourage him not to relax and not to rejoice,” Napolitano advised Trump. “They are still pursuing things.”

Napolitano continued that “there is a theory” that Meuller told Trump’s lawyers he was not a target of the investigation in order to give the president “a false sense of security in going into the interview.”

“Stay away from that, Mr. President,” Napolitano, who has yet to join Trump’s legal team in any official capacity. “That interview environment is extremely dangerous. If he is the subject and not yet a target and they want him to become a target, they are going to ask him questions, the answers to which will move him into that target category.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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