comScore Fox News’ Napolitano: Bill Barr May Have ‘Harmed His Own Credibility’

Fox News’ Napolitano: Bill Barr May Have ‘Harmed His Own Credibility’

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano said tonight that while he thinks some of the Democrats’ attacks on Bill Barr are unfair and over-the-top, he has some concerns about the AG’s credibility.

He told Martha MacCallum, “I think he may have harmed his own credibility a little bit. If you look back at the four-page letter that he sent three or four Sundays ago, there isn’t a hint or a whiff of the full flavor in there of what the Mueller team found with respect to obstruction of justice and I think he should have tipped his hand a little bit on that. He quite fairly and accurately in that letter addressed the absence of a conspiracy with the Russians.”

As far as the obstruction issue goes, Napolitano said it does not have to necessarily be successful to be obstruction:

“If I’m going to go into a courthouse to testify against you, God forbid, but if that were the case and you tackled me in the street and broke my leg and I still made it in there and still testified, you can be charged with obstruction because obstruction rarely succeeds. It’s an attempt to interfere.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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