comScore Napolitano: Most 'Damning' Part of Manafort Indictment is That He Lied to a Judge

Fox News’ Napolitano: ‘Most Damning’ Part of Manafort Judge’s Remarks Was Her Excoriating Him for Lying

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano slammed convicted former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort for having lied in front of a federal court, saying that is the most “damning” thing he could have done to himself.

The judicial analyst said that although Manafort’s judge made an effort to show compassion to him and defended him as “not a public enemy,” she was irritated that he insisted that he was not guilty and that he was only in her court because of the special prosecutor. Napolitano told Fox News’ Melissa Francis that Manafort was accused of doing the worst thing possible, which is lying to the judge.

“The most damning thing she said was she accused him of not being candid with her during the sentencing. I tell you, that’s the worst thing you can do at a sentencing, is lie to a judge during the sentencing,” said Napolitano, referring to Napolitano’s reaction to being exposed for witness tampering.

Francis added that Manafort’s reaction could have also given the judge the “impression” that he was lying. Napolitano said the former Trump campaign chairman did not seem convincing of remorse over his crime, but over the suffering he and his family have been going for since the investigation began.

“It had to do with his remorse,” said Napolitano. “Is he remorseful because he did wrong, or is he remorseful because he got caught? So you have a guy in a wheelchair, who’s on the verge of crying, making eye contact with you and begging for compassion. Does that resonate with you, or do you still sentence him to what you are going to sentence him to you when you woke up this morning?”

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