Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Defends ‘Honorable’ James Mattis: He’s Not Slinging Mud or Taking the Bait

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto today defended former SecDef James Mattis as being uniquely “honorable” in what he is publicly divulging and discussing following his years of service in Washington.

Mattis has been getting criticism during his book tour from both Trump critics and supporters, including from Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

Cavuto today teased his Wednesday interview with Mattis and said, “What makes this stand out in the litany of books to come out after people leave the administration is he has no mud to throw, no insults to hurl, no disparaging comments to make about individuals at all. That is called honorable, my friends.”

“But if you’re looking for it as a political weapon in the next election, you might have to look elsewhere,” he added.

Cavuto noted that Mattis “refuses to take the bait” in all the interviews he’s done and that there’s so much they may never know from his time in the Trump administration.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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