Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Explains Why He Hasn’t ‘Asked for a Sit-Down with the President’


Fox News’ Neil Cavuto said today he has not reached out to get an interview with President Trump, but he wanted to make it clear it’s “not because I like dislike the President.”

No, the reason Cavuto gave is as follows:

“I see little to be gained getting him for the customary 10 minutes now, or adding my name to the long and impressive list of people who’ve already interviewed the President now, including a lot of great people here. I’ve learned something from every chat, I’m just not interested in joining the chat. Again, not because I don’t cover the president, maybe because I can just as effectively do that without interviewing the president. Maybe that’s because the one thing I’ve learned about interviewing presidents is time is tight. And Republican or Democrat, they’re pretty good at running out the clock. That doesn’t mean sit-downs with presidents don’t add value, just that my sitting down with this one probably would not.”

Cavuto has acknowledged that he’s been critical of President Trump (and that Trump wasn’t a an of his critical election coverage), and he showed a few clips of his critical coverage this year.

But he also showed that he has been covering the positive along with the negative, “the only way I know to cover the White House, even if it means never getting an interview with this President, and yes, even if it means never even asking for one in the first place.”

You can watch the video above, via Fox News.

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