Fox News: ‘No Plans to Air’ Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammed Cartoons

Fox News does not plan to air Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoons which caricature the Muslim prophet Muhammed.

The French satirical magazine’s offices were attacked on Wednesday morning, leaving 12 people dead including four of the publication’s cartoonists. The shooters allegedly shouted “We have avenged the prophet” as they mowed down people inside the building, indicating this was revenge for the magazine’s repeated caricaturization of the prophet.

The tragedy has brought about discussion of media defiance in the face of threats to free speech, but several major American outlets have already made clear their intention not to show the offending images. The New York Daily News blurred the cartoon, while the Associated Press opted not to publish; CNN sent out an internal memo requesting on-air staff to simply “describe” the images rather than show them, while NBC News and MSNBC reiterated a policy against showing cartoons that “could be viewed as insensitive or offensive.”

A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite on Wednesday afternoon that there are “no plans” to air the controversial cartoons.

It should be noted, however, that earlier this morning on Fox & Friends the network aired the Hebdo cover featuring Muhammed warning “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”

Watch that at 2:04 into the video below:

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