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Fox News’ Outnumbered Takes on Samantha Bee: ‘She Should Not Be Fired’

Fox News’s Outnumbered featured a nuanced and thoughtful analysis on Thursday of the controversy swirling around Samantha Bee, the TBS late night host who called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” during a monologue about her father’s immigration policies.

As the news cycle required, Bee’s comments have inevitably been compared to Roseanne Barr‘s racist tweet that led ABC to cancel her highly popular show this week.

Outnumbered addressed the comparison head on, with host Harris Faulkner announcing gravely: “There’s new reaction to a vile, misogynistic insult at the president’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump by late night host Samantha Bee.”

“We will not repeat the word, we don’t need to,” Faulker said. “Wow.”

Pete Hegseth, Thursday’s #OneLuckyGuy, backed Trump’s claims that there is a double standard for liberals in media, pointing to Keith Olbermann‘s use of profanity in his own tweets. (Profanity is different from racism, it should be noted, and Olbermann would certainly be fired by ESPN if he tweeted anything close to Barr’s racist post.)

Faulkner turned to host Melissa Francis, asking what consequences Bee should face for her transgression.

“This is going to be very unpopular. I don’t think Samantha Bee deserves any consequences. That’s how that show’s written,” Francis said. “That’s how she delivers it. That’s the kind of language she uses. We all watched the whole block. She took shots at everybody there.”

“I agree she should not be fired,” Hegseth said.

“I understand it’s the president’s daughter, but she’s in a post at the White House. She put herself out there,” Francis continued. “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.”

The Outnumbered panel went on to address the White House’s response to Bee’s remark, in which an outraged Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on TBS to take action against the comic for her “disgusting” locker room talk.

Hegseth pointed out that late night shows like Tosh.0 feature profanity, asking “where do you stop?”

Sandra Smith argued Bee’s remarks are different because they were aimed at “the sitting president’s daughter.” (Who also happens to be a 36-year-old senior White House official.)

Watch above, via Fox News.

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