Fox News Panel Clashes Over Whether the Covington Catholic Students Are Being Turned Into ‘The Next Brett Kavanaugh’


During a panel on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, a lively debate occurred over if there were parallels between the students from Covington Catholic High School and the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I’m not exonerating. I don’t feel these kids should be exonerated. I believe some behaved badly and were inappropriate and I think that people who are now rushing to the other side and taking these big mea culpas… are missing context from these videos if you do watch all of the hours of it,” Fox News’ Jessica Tarlov said. “What is also happening on a political basis is that President Trump and Republicans are trying to turn these kids into the next Brett Kavanaugh so they can use them as a rallying cry.

“No, no. This is guilt by association. Guilty by hat,” Brad Blakeman interjected. “It’s the worst of us when we profile people and expect to treat them a certain way because of the way they look. These people on The View are telling the truth.”

“I understand that and I started out by saying Joy Behar is admitting no benefit of the doubt is given by the left when it comes to a MAGA hat,” Tarlov replied. “But what I’m also adding to this is that Republicans are using them to say ‘oh what happened with Brett Kavanaugh and women worry about what happens to their husbands.'”

“No they’re not. They’re saying the context of the story is much greater and much deeper than a headline that social media on a Saturday night. If you really want to understand what happened there you have to take the time to go deep into it,” co-host Bill Hemmer said to Tarlov.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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