Fox News Panel Erupts Over Russia: ‘You Act Like You’re Surprised That The Russians Act Like Russians!’


On Tuesday night, Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlichter and Fox News contributor Richard Fowler had a fiery debate over President Donald Trump‘s handling of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit.

Schlichter told Fox News anchor Shannon Bream that Trump’s critics have “completely lost it” with their reaction to Trump’s remarks at Monday’s press conference, saying that “normal people” would rather have better relations with Russia than “another endless war.”

“Look, I’m literally a Cold Warrior. I was literally in Germany during the end of the Cold War, I have no illusions about the Russians. I helped train Ukrainians. But peace is better than war,” Schlichter said. “And all this crazy talk about this is an act of war and going onto ‘this is treason’ is dumb. I think it’s going to hurt the Democrats.”

Fowler pushed back, saying that Russian government “bought fake news,” “misinformed voters,” tried to hack both political parties voting sayers during the election, insisting that’s an “attack on our democracy.”

“You act like you’re surprised that the Russians act like Russians, okay?” Schlichter responded. “They do this stuff all the time and no one is approving of it!”

Bream tried to keep the peace by finding common ground between the two panelist. When Fowler said Russia “had an influence” on the 2016 election, Schlichter called it “baloney.”

“Six years ago, when Mitt Romney was warning about the Russians, he got this snarky, ‘Oh, the 80s called and want their Cold War back.’ The Russians have always been bad. The Russians have always meddled. From the Communists in the 40s, to the nuclear freeze in the 80s, to this nonsense now.”

Fowler shot back invoking the recent indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller of 12 Russian intel officers who hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails, an argument that didn’t exactly convince Schlichter that they influenced the election.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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