Fox News Panel Mocks Bill Clinton For ‘Leering’ at Ariana Grande During Aretha Franklin Funeral: ‘Good Lord!’


A Fox News panel had some fun at the expense of former President Bill Clinton for his appearance at Aretha Franklin‘s funeral.

After discussing the presence of anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum noted the performance from pop singer Ariana Grande, who belted out the Queen of Soul’s iconic hit “Natural Woman” at the funeral. But sitting directly behind her were Clinton and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

“These guys are staring at her from the back- I mean, look at these guys!” MacCallum said to the panel.

Fox News contributor Marie Harf told MacCallum that if she were Ariana Grande, she “would have worn something longer.”

MacCallum quickly rushed to her defense.

“She didn’t realize she was going to be standing like- it’s like a bad version of American Idol,” MacCallum joked.

“That is not appropriate to wear at a funeral, even Aretha Franklin’s funeral,” Harf doubled down. “She could have worn something a little longer with some sequins.”

“I thought she looked great,” MacCallum responded. “It’s not her fault that those guys were leering at her.”

“The look on Bill Clinton’s face is priceless,” Kelly Jane Torrance of The Weekly Standard chimed in. “It’s familiar, but priceless.”

Harf added that there a bunch of memes going around on the internet of what Clinton and Jackson were whispering to each other during Ariana Grande’s performance.

“Oh, good lord!” MacCallum exclaimed. “The performances were beautiful but that was like a comedy of errors.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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