Fox News Panel: Obama ‘Needs To Be Professional’ In Calling DNC Chair’s Smile ‘Cute’

The latest “controversy” (?) to hit the administration comes as at least one conservative women’s group lashed out against comments by President Obama that Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has a “dazzling” and “cute” smile. While some cried sexism, on Fox News today a panel noted that there was a “double-standard” between conservatives and liberals on such matters, but that everyone likes being told they have a nice smile.

The ladies on the panel initially reacted adversely to the comments, particularly Angela McGlowan, how noted that there was a difference “between what liberals can do and what conservatives can do.” That said, they seemed to be comfortable with compliments as long as there wasn’t any “sexual harassment,” though one panelist did note that the President had not made similar comments about the previous DNC Chair, Tim Kaine. One panelist wondered whether he was “inferring that, because she’s cute, she’s going to do a better job,” while another added, “I like being told I have a nice smile.”

In conclusion, come back, Anthony Weiner. This is what the news cycle looks like without you.

The segment via Fox News below:

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