Fox News Panel of Independent Voters Rejects Caravan Fear-Mongering: ‘This is a Humanitarian Crisis’


Fox & Friends interviewed a panel of independent voters on Monday morning, and asked them about the caravan of Honduran immigrants that has been turned into a political issue ahead of the midterm elections.

The caravan has been a fixture on Fox & Friends this month — but the show’s panel of independent voters rejected fear-mongering over the group making its way from Central America to the United States

“How big a problem is that, that the United States has uneven immigration laws?” Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy first asked.

“I think uneven immigration laws are a problem for any country,” the first independent voter replied. “And I think our immigration laws need to be modernized and updated. But this country is founded on immigration. And all of us come from immigrants.”

Doocy warned that the caravan could reach 20,000 people by the time it gets to the border, asking what the U.S. should do about it.

“This is the mightiest country on the planet, I think we can handle a caravan of people, unarmed, coming to this country,” the man replied.

“So let them in?” Doocy asked.

“Well, I’m saying to process them properly,” he said.

The woman on the panel added the immigration crisis is the result of the failure of the two parties to engage in the issue and stop treating it like a “political football.”

“There’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in Central America,” another independent voter said. “And yet, this issue gets turned into a complete political football. There’s very little honest discussion about what’s actually happening, it gets turned into talking points.”

Another independent agreed: “Treating this as an ‘invasion’ is a bad idea and it’s going to end horribly.”

“People have to realize these are human beings coming here, and there needs to be a real solution offered in dealing with it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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