Fox News Panel Praises Obama Speech, Questions ‘Uproarious Crowd’s’ Reaction


The first impressions in light of President Obama’s speech at tonight’s memorial for the victims of the Arizona shooting, and, at least on Fox News, the reviews are overwhelming positive. Charles Krauthammer, Chris Wallace, and Brit Hume seemed a bit uncomfortable with all the hootin’ and hollerin’, but all seemed blown away by the President’s words.

For Hume, the President’s greatest achievement during the speech was rolling with the punches– “the audience was really in control of this event,” he noted, but President Obama “went with it.” “He behaved as some of his partisans have not, with considerable dignity and grace,” he beamed, despite noting, once again, that “the mood in that auditorium suggested that the sense of mournfulness that you might’ve expected and sobriety that you mightve expected was not there.” Wallace agreed that it was “a little bit more of a pep rally than expected,” though seconded the positive reaction to President Obama, and also commented on the words of Daniel Hernandez, highlighting the fact that he spoke without notes and that his humility was exemplary.

Krauthammer seemed too impressed with the President’s words to give the audience that much attention. Discussing the moment when the President told the audience that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had opened her eyes, he praised that “the way he seized the moment and he brought the audience to that and became so inspirational” was “quite remarkable and extremely effective.” He added that he thought the President was “already on a rebound,” but that this speech would do wonders to help his approval on the way up.

Overall, the panel was pleased, though skeptical that the tone would be a permanent positive change. “After Oklahoma City,” Wallace offered, “I don’t think any permanent lessons are learned in this country.”

The panel’s discussion via Fox News below:

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