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Fox News Panel Prefers Ashley Dupre To Eliot Spitzer As CNN Host

Today’s Fox News Watch was particularly giggly, as they were discussing the possibility of former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who once paid a prostitute for sex, getting his own TV show on CNN. After a bout of ineptly-suppressed laughter, Newsweek columnist Ellis Henican suggests a plan so perfectly crazy, it might just work: an Ashley Dupre-hosted show on CNN, instead.

After host Jon Scott asks, amid snickers, whether Spitzer is “host material for CNN? would people watch that?,” panelist Jim Pinkerton gives a sobering assessment of Spitzer and the cable news scene: “the cliche about certain hosts is that they are a train wreck waiting to happen… it is desperation, but maybe they are in that situation,” so why not try? Ellis Henican could not have answered that question better: “This is a terrible idea– Ashley Dupre should get her own show on CNN!”

Ashley Dupre actually does have a more extensive journalism resumé that Spitzer, somehow, because she is a columnist for a major US newspaper (Dupre part of the News Corp family as a columnist for the New York Post), so Henican’s joke may have been a much more astute comment than he intended it to be.

Video below:

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