Fox News Panel Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘If He Wants to Write Opinion, He Should Change Jobs’


On Thursday, a Fox News panel slammed CNN’s Jim Acosta after he told Stephen Colbert the media was not supposed to be “part of the story.”

On Wednesday, Acosta appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and even touted his appearance beforehand on Twitter in a much-panned tweet.

In speaking to Colbert, Acosta said this: “We’re not supposed to be the story. That’s not why I’m out there…I get accused of that from time to time and my attitude is, listen, I’m allowed to care about this country just as much as anybody else.”

In response to a clip of Acosta’s words, Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal Editorial Page Editor said during the Fox panel:
“If he’s not part of the story, what’s he doing on Colbert, sitting there like a celebrity?”

Then after claiming that attacks on the media and his opponents are President Donald Trump‘s “modus operandi,” Henninger piled on with his criticism of Acosta, adding:

“I think some of these journalists have lost it as well. Look, if you ascend to the point in American journalism and the press where you are a White House reporter, you have to have enough professional self-discipline not to start wearing your heart on your sleeve in front of these press conferences.”

WSJ’s Mary O’Grady chimed in next, agreeing with her colleague and suggesting maybe Acosta needs a job change.

“A reporter has a responsibility to report the story and not get his own personal views in it,” she said. “He’s not an opinion writer, if he wants to write opinion he should change jobs.”

She also said Acosta’s commentary is also not good for “the news organization,” noting that it ultimately erodes audience trust.

Watch above, via Fox News

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