Fox News Panel Slams Joe Walsh’s Trump Primary Challenge: Your Campaign Makes No Sense

Fox News’ Outnumbered blasted Joe Walsh while discussing his plans to challenge President Donald Trump for the Republican primary in the 2020 election.

Now that the former congressman-turned-conservative radio host confirmed he’s running, the provocative, ugly rhetoric spotlight Walsh pushed before turning against Trump is coming under scrutiny. Jessica Tarlov asked whether Walsh’s entry will shake things up for 2020, and Dagen McDowell replied by saying “hell no” — flatly dismissing Walsh as a threat to Trump.

“This is a joke,” McDowell said. “Does he have a book he’s trying to sell? Does he have a line of barbecue sauce and condiments coming out that he’s trying to hustle? Because this doesn’t make any sense.”

The panel continued to invoke Walsh’s craziest antics and statements throughout the years, questioning how he could even run a campaign regardless of his apologies for some of his comments. When Tarlov argued that Walsh believes having a Democrat in office would be “preferable” to a second Trump term, she wound up in a back-and-forth with #OneLuckyGuy Lawrence Jones, who derided that position as “silly.”

“Don’t act like President Trump is some Pollyanna,” Tarlov said as she slammed the president for his own “nasty” rhetoric.

“I’m not acting like he’s a saint, but he never pretends to be a saint either,” Jones responded as he accused Walsh of sanctimonious hypocrisy.

Watch above, via Fox News

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