Fox News Panel Slams Trump’s Tweets: ‘That’s a Failure, He Needs to Stop Doing That’


Fox News’ Outnumbered was less-than-impressed on Monday with President Donald Trump’s racist attacks on Democratic congresswomen.

The panel started the show by looking at Trump’s repeated slams on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar, taking note of how Trump said they should “go back” to where they came from even though three out of four were born in America, and Omar is a naturalized former child refugee from Somalia.

Brian Kilmeade, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, remarked that Trump’s attacks on “the squad” were a “mistake,” but the president is trying to make them the controversial faces of the Democratic Party.

“In one way, the president saying ‘Why did he weigh in the way he did?’ It makes him the story. The other thing is he is underlying it. He’s saying ‘Democrats, these are your leaders, these are your rock stars, good luck.'”

Katie Pavlich called it “really rich” of Omar to critique America as a Somali immigrant, and that the congresswoman’s “strategy” is to call America a “racist, unfair, unvalued country.” Pavlich concluded that Americans could try tackling issues “without launching identity politics attacks against people who simply disagree with you on policy.” From there, Melissa Francis lamented that when everyone yells it, the meaning of racism is “lost.”

“To the president, I would say, ‘This is an old trope that has been used against people of color: go back to where you come from,” Harris Faulkner said. “Those women have picked on a man who likes to fight. That man has leaned on some less-than-presidential rhetoric and all of it is toxic, none of it furthers the conversation, and what is the conversation we are trying to have right now? That some people are more American than other people? Is that what we’re arguing about right now?”

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery felt that Trump “shouldn’t have inserted himself in this way” and that “this is when his instincts don’t best serve him.”

As the panel debated the political implications, Kilmeade insisted Trump’s point “was not so much ‘go home,’ it’s ‘appreciate your country.'”

“Is that what you think he was saying?” Faulkner asked. “Do you think his words communicate that?”

“When the president make statements that people have to defend by saying that his words have a clearly different meaning, that’s a failure,” Kennedy said. “He needs to stop doing that if he wants to take any gaffe of Joe Biden or Democrats and use it against them. Stop making your own.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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