Fox News Panel Wheels Out Every Argument Against Trump Releasing Taxes: It’s a Gift to His Hotel Competitors


A Fox News panel wheeled out a series of inventive arguments seeking to protect President Donald Trump against calls for his tax returns to be released.

The president and the Trump Organization sued House Oversight Committee chairman Elijah Cummings Monday to block Cummings’ subpoena of his accountant in an attempt to obtain all of Trump’s financial records.

Charlie Kirk, the guest host on Tuesday’s episode of Outnumbered, accused Democrats of seeking to build an “opposition research file” on Trump.

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich — noting that Trump was elected even after he refused to release his tax returns — asked “does it really matter at this point?”

Melissa Francis reiterated that Trump “took that risk” of not releasing his tax returns in 2016, and still won.

“So that’s that,” Francis said. “End of story. No one has a right to it now. They didn’t have a right to it before.”

Francis then explained Trump’s motivation for keeping his tax returns secret: “Because he knows it’s a huge document. Anyone who does real estate in New York, it’s a huge document. You’re going to go through and find something that you can make hay of as a political weapon.”

Kirk warned that Trump releasing his tax returns would threaten his real estate business.

“What a gift to his competitors, all the hotel chains, that would want to see the in-depth financials of all his assets,” Kirk said.

“That’s a great point,” Pavlich concurred.

“He’s trying to preserve a business enterprise that he has spent decades and lots of risk putting together. He wants the next generations to be able to have it. Why would he give his financials to the Hiltons, to the Marriotts, to all the other hotel competitors so they can have an in-depth at all the customers, the audits and all of them,” Kirk said. “He shouldn’t give those financials. By the way, I will defend that he has a right to protect it.”

“He didn’t get voted into office to protect hotels and Wall Street,” countered Leslie Marshall.

Watch above, via Fox News.

Correction: An initial version of this post misidentified Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich. Mediaite apologizes for the error.

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