Fox News Pastor Blasts Catholic Church Over Abuse Scandal: ‘Who Knew Within The Vatican?!?’


Fox News Religious Analyst Father Jonathan Morris weighed in on the scandal that has rocked the Catholic Church.

According to an explosive report released by a grand jury earlier this week, leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania have been covering up the abuse of over 1,000 children committed by over 300 priests. It notes that “there are likely thousands more victims whose records were lost or who were too afraid to come forward.”

After showing several politicians reluctant to weigh in on the scandal, Morris began by telling Fox News host Melissa Francis that he himself doesn’t feel like talking about this, but it “has to be talked about.”

“It’s absolutely horrific. The Vatican said ‘sorrow’ and- that’s great. I’m glad that The Vatican gave those words but much more has to be done,” Father Morris said. “Because it’s not just the crime of the abuse, I think everyone is saying, ‘Yes, that happens in every sector of society. But the cover-up doesn’t happen in every sector of society. And the church, the Catholic Church, in this case, has covered up to protect the institution risking the individual over and over and over again.”

While he praised the calls to open an independent investigation into the misconduct, Morris believed The Vatican deserved more scrutiny.

“If The Vatican doesn’t open up its archives as well, if it’s not very transparent. The Vatican itself– who in the departments of The Vatican knew, for example, the payments that were paid out to the accusers of Cardinal McCarrick and yet he was still made a cardinal,” Morris continued. “Who knew within The Vatican that those payments were made?! If that’s not done, then any investigation is not independent. Even if The Vatican is involved.”

The pastor urged that the church needs to “rebuild trust.”

“The morale of Catholic priests around the country right now is very low. It’s very, very low. And I have to face my people in my parish every single Sunday and they have to know that they can trust me not to in any way harm their children,” Morris told Francis. “And even to think about- really? I have to prove to them than that I’m not going to harm their children? What you talking about? I’m supposed to not just be not harming them but helping them and lifting them up and helping their parents to make their children’s lives better. So it’s just crazy that we even have to talk about this. Obviously, it moves me deeply, but listen, we have to face the facts and I think times will be better.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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