Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Honors Iraqi Immigrant Who Fought Terror Alongside U.S. Troops


On the Tuesday before Independence Day, Fox & Friends ran a special feature hosted by host Pete Hegseth honoring Bakr Ali, an Iraqi ally who fought alongside American troops in Iraq over a decade ago and has been fighting since to become an American citizen.

Ali is a legal immigrant along with his family, living in Houston, and will soon become a citizen thanks in part to the efforts of Pete Hegseth and other American military members who advocated on his behalf.

Hegseth brought Ali to New York to highlight his story, his service and sacrifice in fighting terror, and what he meant to the Americans with whom he battled the enemy.

During the interview, Ali recounts a harrowing tale of being surrounded by Al Qaeda, facing death, and an American Apache helicopter arriving “like an angel” to protect them.

Ali and his family put their lives at risk to change their country, he says, and to fight extremism.

Towards the end of the package, Hegseth pointed out that Ali is still looking for his American dream here in the United States.

“This is an educated guy, a business management degree, marketing – still in the market for a job in the Houston area that fits his skill level,” said Hegseth. “So if you live in Houston or you live in Texas and you’re looking for the best possible patriotic employee who will soon be a citizen – tweet at me @PeteHegseth [with] opportunities. This is the kind of guy I would hire – I put my life in his hands. Other American men and women have and he delivered for us and he came here legally through the special visa immigrant process and we’re proud to have him in America.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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