Fox News’ Red Eye Gives Keith Olbermann Giddiest Goodbye Yet


The news of Keith Olbermann‘s suspension at MSNBC has been met in varying company with visceral reactions anywhere between righteous indignation and uncontrollable glee. The conservative Twitter masses put up some strong competition to beat on the “glee” end of the spectrum, but the crew of Fox News’ Red Eye definitively take the award for most scathing report on the matter while defending Olbermann’s right to donate to political campaigns.

Host Greg Gutfeld recounts the story of how “public access network MSNBC” canceled Olbermann’s program, “Countdown with Captain Crazypants,” and highlights possible new hosts for the 8pm hour, including a My Little Pony figure, a rock formation, and Betty White. He also showcased a major exclusive interview with Olbermann one of those hand dryers in public bathrooms on the subject.

As ruthless as his humor was to the network, Gutfeld posed the question to his panel in a was supportive of Olbermann, wondering what about a “consistent” ideologue behaving in a politically predictable way merits dismissal. “Everyone knows that hes a pinko communist, so why does it matter?” Gutfeld asked his guests. Panelist Terry Schappert saw no problem with his donations, given Countdown‘s position as “the highest rated show on an irrelevant network,” and suggested Olbermann donate to NAMBLA. Anna Gilligan, who was offended at someone else assuming the “pinko communist” title, advised Red Eye to “take a page from [MSNBC’s] book” and show “footage of Andy [Levy] streaking.” There wasn’t a clear explanation of how one idea followed from the other there, but it seemed worth a shot for the ratings.

The segment from this morning’s Red Eye via Fox News below:

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