Kirsten Gillibrand Tells Fox News Reporter ‘We Have a Misogynist in the White House’

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy had to pull his mic away from Julian Castro on Wednesday night because of a crowded gaggle — which happened to coincide with the former HUD secretary taking shots at President Donald Trump after the CNN Democratic 2020 primary debate.

Fox News viewers did end up hearing some Trump bashing later on. Doocy interviewed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who said, “We have a misogynist in the White House. President Trump demeans and degrades women everyday — particularly women of color.”

Doocy was in the spin room after CNN’s debate when he spotted Castro and tried to move through fellow reporters to get up closer. Doocy wasn’t able to get in a question, but he held out his mic while Castro elaborated on his back-and-forth with Joe Biden on immigration.

“I said that I learned from the lessons of the past. We have to acknowledge of course that Trump has been so much worse on this issue,” Castro said, as Doocy pulled away.

Doocy was able to make his way back around to Castro, nonetheless, and nabbed a solo interview with the candidate.

Watch via Fox News.

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