Fox News Reports That The Tsunami’s Waves Have Caused Millions In Damage And One Death In Oregon

Like all huge events, some of the early reports on the Japanese earthquake and the resulting fall out have proven to be inaccurate. In some cases this is good (it’s possible the widely-reported figure of 88,000 missing might be too high) while in the case of America’s west coast, it may not be. This morning, the BBC quoted White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley who said the fact that the waves passed through Hawaii without serious damage was “encouraging” for the rest of the US. Unfortunately, it appears that Oregon’s coasts have been hit quite hard by the reverberations from, as Fox News’ Shepard Smith put it, “an earthquake half a world away.”

Smith quoted authorities from southern Oregon that said that vessels have been sunk or lost, property at a harbor was destroyed, and men were swept off a boat. While they have been recovered and should be okay, another man on the boat with known heart problems has perished. A county sheriff has estimated the damage to be in the millions.

It’s likely that the earlier guesses weren’t inaccurate and that they predictions of American territories not receiving “serious damage” were only using that phrase in relation to the devastation in Asia.

Watch the footage from Fox News below:

Fox News video of Tsunami damage in Oregon below:

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