Fox News Responds To Gawker Mole: ‘Joe Muto Is Fired Effective April 12’

The Gawker “Fox News Mole” saga has unraveled itself at breakneck speeds today and continues to do so, as earlier tonight Joe Muto, formerly an associate producer at The O’Reilly Factor, wrote on Gawker that he had been indefinitely suspended with pay. A Fox News spokesperson tells Mediaite that, as of April 12, Muto is actually fired, and that the network is “continuing to explore legal action.

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A Fox News spokesperson updates Mediaite with these new developments:

Joe Muto is fired effective April 12. Once the network determined that Mr. Muto was the main culprit in less than 24 hours, he was suspended late today while we pursued concurrent avenues. We are continuing to explore legal recourse against Mr. Muto and possibly others.

Muto debuted on Gawker as “the Fox Mole” yesterday, with an off-air clip of Mitt Romney, following up with an expose on the Fox News bathrooms. Fox News announced earlier today they knew who it was, and he claimed tonight that it appeared he wouldn’t return, but that he was told he was “suspended indefinitely with pay.” He wrote that he had many more posts to write despite no longer being in the office, though whether the legal recourses Fox discusses pan out will clearly have an effect on whether he carries out that promise. It took Fox News 24 hours to find the mole.

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